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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant has acted as an accelerator for the new work reality where everyone is mobile, and everyone is less secure.

SonicWall have announced their latest technology release, Gen 7.0, that will simplify proven security for enterprises, governments and MSSPs. They will expand breakthrough economics to high-security environments, and maximise investments by delivering proven, future-proof security, and by making security administration easier and more accessible to organisations.

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New Product Releases:

New SonicOS 7.0

Scale faster, protect more and regain control with the New SonicOS 7.0. This technology simplifies the security experience with an all new user interface experience, mobile app support, and simplified policy creation and management.

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New SonicOSX 7.0

The new SonicOSX 7.0 update simplifies complex policy, audit and management controls with firmware designed for enterprises and government agencies. All while delivering the enhanced, modern and easy-to-use user interface design.

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New SonicWall Network Security Manager 2.0

SonicWall's new Network Security Manager (NSM) helps organisations to optimise, control and manage network security devices. As a cloud-native platform, NSM is designed for speed, scalability and reliability.

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New SonicWall NSsp 15700

SonicWall's NSsp update helps enterprises, governments, data centres and MSSPs to get more from their investments as resource utilisation and connection requirements grow with the rise of remote work.

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New SonicWall TZ570 & TZ670

Protect your organisation from malware & ransomware with next-generation TZ firewalls - enterprise-grade, easy-to-use, integrated security solutions. They connect with SonicWall Switches and other SD-Branch deployments.

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New SonicWall NSv 270, 470 & 870

SonicWall NSv virtual firewalls simplify protection of private and public cloud assets with scalable, virtual and cost-effective security. Protect your workloads in the cloud from threats, with automated, real-time protection.

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New SonicWall SonicExpress

The new SonicWall SonicExpress mobile app allows administrators to manage security on the go. Complete the most common management tasks, including firewall registration, setup, configuration and monitoring, and easily onboard new firewalls easily.

New SonicWall CSa 1000

The new SonicWall CSa 1000 stops advanced cyberattacks that target large networks through an all-new on-premise appliance. CSa includes access to RTDMI which provides network-based protection against the future of side-channel attacks.

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