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Five Stages of Insider Threat

Infosecurity Webinar

Much has been made of the insider threat faced by organisations this year and many vendors are hooked on the message of fixing the problem with technologies but the issue requires a lot more thought than that.

There are clear definable points within the insider threat lifecycle. How you work with your staff on a day to day basis, the communication of troublesome news, enabling staff to be able to perform their roles. In this webinar, we will look at the five stages of the insider threat, what makes a person do it and what you as a business can do to spot the signs and prevent an incident from occurring. 

Speakers: Jay Abbot (Founder and Managing Director, ASC), Chris Payne (Senior Technical Consultant, Infinigate), Dan Raywood (Acting Editor, Infosecurity Magazine) and Sam Temple (Managing Director, JUMPSEC).

Five Stages of Insider Threat

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