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10 Top Tips for Improving Your Email Security


Chances are your business relies heavily on email on a day to day basis to communicate internally, externally and just to make things happen. Email is one of the most enduring enterprise applications, something often taken for granted – but despite its longevity, it’s an application that continues to cause headachCensornet-top-10-tips-thumbnailes for the IT department when it comes to security.

Perhaps because of emails’ long-term use, there is a sense of safety, and that users understand email security. But this can be a mistaken sense of safety, often based on outdated information. Email may be a maturing medium, but as attacks using email as an entry point continue to become more technically and creatively sophisticated, the measures to defend against them must also.

Starting with the most basic measures, and working up to more sophisticated solutions, here are some things to watch out for and our top ten tips for improving your organisation’s email security.

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