Ransomware Survival Guide

Ransomware attacks are currently showing no signs of slowing and are instead rising at an alarming rate. If you are ill-prepared for this strain of cyber-attack it could have a devastating impact on your business. This Ransomware Survival Guide will explore how you can prepare for a potential attack with a 10 point action plan.
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IT Security

The global cybersecurity market is set to grow from $120 billion in 2019 to over $300 billion by 2024, according to Global Market Insights and is driven by the increasing need among organisations to reduce security risks. Infinigate live and breathe IT security and have done so for more than 23 years, sharing industry expert guidance and insight with IT reseller partners and IT professionals.

VSEC Conference 2018 Video

Watch VSEC Conference 2018 Highlights

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CISO Panel Discussion Highlights:
IT Security & Networking Trends
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Ransomware Survival Guide

This Ransomware Survival Guide will explore how you can prepare for a potential attack with a 10 point action plan.

Insider Threat Awareness Framework

As shown in this infographic, the insider threat framework consists of 6 key rules a company should follow in order to identify the potential of and prevent an employee plotting an insider threat.

Ransomware Attacks Set to Snatch $1 Billion

Infinigate UK takes you through how easily ransomware can infect a machine, locking its contents until the demanded payment is received.

The Five Stages of Insider Threat
In this webinar, we look at the five stages of the insider threat, what makes a person do it and what you as a business can do to spot the signs and prevent an incident from occurring.

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