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Since 2007,  Hornetsecurity has had one overriding goal; Protect global organisations, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Hornetsecurity Overview

Hornetsecurity is a leading email cloud security provider in Europe, which protects the IT infrastructure, digital communication, and data of companies and organisations of all sizes. Hornet’s product portfolio covers all important areas of email security, including spam and virus filters, legally compliant archiving, and encryption, as well as defence against advanced threats like CEO fraud and ransomware. With around 200 employees, Hornetsecurity is represented globally in more than 30 countries and serves over 40,000 customers including Swisscom and Telefónica.


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Since 2007, Hornetsecurity has had one overriding goal: Protect global organisations, so you can focus on what you do best.
Doctors should be focused on patient care, not spam… Airlines should focus on travel, not viruses. IT departments should be focused on their
users, not spending hours reporting spam. Hornetsecurity is a leader in cloud security who protects global organisations and empower IT Professionals, with the tools you need while serving you with a great attitude.

Over 10 Years Industry Experience
Over 10 Years Industry Experience

Hornetsecurity has over 10 years experience in email security.

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Self-Learning Email Security
Self-Learning Email Security

Adapts around your organization’s mail flow to provide the most effective detection.

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#1 Rated Email Security Vendor
#1 Rated Email Security Vendor

Hornetsecurity have over 250+ Five Star reviews on Spiceworks.

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Customers of Different Sizes and Industries
Customers of Different Sizes and Industries

From Small Business to Enterprises with over 30k employees.

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365 total protection-1
365 Total Protection

Your security management for Microsoft 365.

365 Total Protection from Hornetsecurity offers comprehensive protection for Microsoft cloud services - specifically developed for Microsoft 365 and seamlessly integrated to provide comprehensive protection for Microsoft cloud services. Easy to set up and extremely intuitive to use, 365 Total protection simplifies your IT security management from the very start.

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365 total encryption
365 Total Encryption

Encrypt the content of all email stored in the Microsoft 365 Cloud.

The number of email attacks is steadily increasing annually, and business customers of cloud services are the primary targets. 365 Total Encryption encrypts the entire content of your enterprise email communications in Microsoft 365, providing comprehensive protection against espionage.

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advanced threat protection.jpg
Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your business from cyber attacks and growing cyber threats.

Malware and ransomware are increasingly finding their way into the email inbox of companies a, causing disruption to business operations and significant financial strain. With the comprehensive features of Advanced Threat Protection, the most sophisticated cyber attacks have no chance against Hornetsecurity defenses.

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spam filtering-1
Spam Filtering

Hosted spam filtering and malware protection for businesses.

Hornetsecurity's Email Spam Filter and Malware Protection Service offers the highest detection rates on the market with 99.9% guaranteed spam and virus detection. Protect your email servers against DDoS attacks and phishing emails with this multi-layered spam filtering service, and keep your quarantine clear and easy to manage.

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email encryption.jpg
Email Encryption

Encrypt confidential information in emails effectively and securely.

Ensure all-round encrypted exchange of emails with Email Encryption from Hornetsecurity for reliable, secure email communication. Cloud-based email encryption boasts fully automated encryption and decryption, supports various email encryption technologies, and is easily managed with minimal effort required.

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email continuity-1
Email Continuity Service

Effectively protect your email system from outages with Hornetsecurity.

Having an alternative solution for email data exchange is crucial so no emails are lost, and communication can continue. Hornetsecurity guarantees 99.9% availability for customers of its Email Continuity Service. Gain continuous access to emails, automatic data synchronisation, extensive search functionality and more.

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email signature and disclaimer-1
Email Signature and Disclaimer

Uniform and legally compliant signatures and disclaimers to maintain professionalism.

Create consistent email signatures and email disclaimers for your entire organisation quickly and easily with Hornetsecurity. With Email Signature and Disclaimer service, companies can ensure their contact data is up-to-date at all times, and ensure a professional look and feel with their corporate branding on all outgoing emails.

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email archiving-1
Email Archiving

Legally compliant, fully automated and audit-proof email archiving of important data.

Secure and reliable storage and email archiving is essential for companies but it takes time to correctly set up and store this data. Hornetsecurity's cloud-based email archiving eases the burden on IT teams with retrieval and recovery of archived emails, and fully automated and 100% secure, and unalterable cloud archiving.

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hornet email-1

Cost-effective secure mailboxes within your existing domain or as a stand alone solution.

Introducing - the cloud-based corporate communications platform with the market's most efficient filters for protection against spam and malware directly integrated. offers maximum protectuion against cyberthreats based on multiple security levels and AI-based analysis.

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sales experts-01

#1: Hornetsecurity Sales Experts

Our team of experienced Hornetsecurity certified sales experts provides a service that is both informed and responsive.

We have SLAs in place to ensure you receive quick and accurate responses from our product, pricing and licensing experts.

When it comes to more involved solution selling, our team draws on its extensive knowledge and experience to offer guidance throughout the sales cycle. With support on everything from positioning and qualification to end user engagement, giving you the competitive edge.

certified technical training-01

#2: Certified technical training

Infinigate UK offers frequently held and low cost Hornetsecurity certified technical training courses.

We see training as integral to the enablement and success of our partners. That’s why we offer frequent training courses from our central London training centre and remotely that are fairly priced.

Delivered by our Hornetsecurity Technical experts in our virtual training lab, our courses are of the highest standard.

technical experts-01

#3: Hornetsecurity technical experts

We offer presales technical services and a low cost consultancy.
We understand the importance of supporting our partners with strong presales support throughout the sales cycle and offer this as a low-cost value added service.
Our Hornetsecurity certified technical consultants are available to provide assistance with all technical enquiries, scoping, demos and evaluations as well as partner training and enablement.
We also offer post sales consultancy services for installation, configuration, knowledge transfer and health-check services at  competitive rates.
security focused VAD-01

#4: 100% security-focused VAD

Infinigate UK is part of Europe’s leading solely security focus value added distributor.

True IT security specialists; we have the advanced level of knowledge and expertise to complement Hornetsecurity's offerings through thought leadership, integrated solutions and services.

Infinigate UK offers the strongest complete security technologies and services “package” to our partners.

technical support-01

#5: Technical Support

We offer post sales technical support to our partners.

Our team of Hornetsecurity certified technical support engineers are on standby to assist partners with telephone and email support for customers with a current Hornetsecurity subscription.

Marketing Services-01
#6: Hornetsecurity Marketing Services

Our dedicated in-house marketing team provides marketing as a service to grow your Hornetsecurity business.

From business development and lead generation to bespoke campaigns and event support, our marketing team will work with you to create a marketing plan that compliments your Hornetsecurity strategy. Our marketing services are supported by MDF available on request.

central london-01
#7: Central London Facilities

Infinigate UK’s London headquarters provides superior facilities for use by our partners.

Located in the heart of the capital, we offer our superior office facilities free of charge to all partners for client meetings, events or training.


Lewis Dick
Business Unit Head
Infinigate UK
James Bristow
Business Development Manager
Infinigate UK

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Cyberthreat Report

The 1st Edition of the Hornetsecurity Cyberthreat Report in 2020 examines why cybercrime is one of today's global threats, what role artificial intelligence is likely to play in the future of cyberattacks and warding them off, and why hackers are increasingly targeting Microsoft Office 365.

Case Study
LPKF Laser & Electronics Case Study

LPKF  have over 40 years experience and is one of the leading suppliers of laser-based solutions for the technology industry. To ensure that the full potential of laser technology in a digital world can be realised in the future, the company relies on innovative IT security solutions.

Spam and Malware Protection

Representing over 50% of all email traffic, spam is the most intrusive method cyber criminals use to introduce malware and viruses into corporate systems. But in addition to the danger of infection with ransomware, spyware or a cryptominer, important workflows can also be interrupted.

Fact Sheet
Email Encryption

Business emails often contain in-house, personal or other sensitive content that could be intercepted and accessed without authorisation if inadequately protected. With Email Encryption, confidential information in email communication is effectively and securely encrypted.

Fact Sheet
365 Total Encryption

In the event of a successful cyber attack on the Microsoft 365 Cloud, all contents and attachments of your emails will be freely visible to the hacker. 365 Total Encryption encrypts all the content in your company-wide emails, providing comprehensive protection against espionage.

Fact Sheet
Advanced Threat Protection

The risk of a targeted cyber attack with ransomware, CEO fraud and Trojans is increasing dramatically. Protect your business from devastating malware attacks with Advanced Threat Protection. Counter modern threats with the most advanced defense mechanisms.

Fact Sheet
Spam and Malware Protection

With a guaranteed 99.9% spam detection rate and 99.99% virus detection, Spam and Malware Protection offers the highest detection rates on the market. Keep your mailbox free of annoying and harmful spam with Hornetsecurity's comprehensive features and thorough filtering mechanisms.

Fact Sheet
365 Total Protection

Hornetsecurity offers two comprehensive packages for your company security management specifically developed for Microsoft 365. These solutions are seamlessly integrated, and offer intelligent protection against advanced, persistent threats by using AI-based analysis.