Customers Can Manage The Way User, Traffic, Devices And Applications Behave On The Network.

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Exinda Overview

Exinda is part of the GFI Software portfolio. The products capitalise on emerging global trends and provide business solutions ahead of the market.

Exinda Network Orchestrator gives Network professionals and IT Executives the at a glance visibility and intelligent recommendations to track network performance in real time and quickly take action to ensure exceptional network quality to their users and critical business applications that have direct impact on achieving SLAs, application adoption, at an affordable price.


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Manage network performance by focusing on the user experience of key applications



Improve application performance

Ensure your key business applications—whether on-premise or in the cloud—always deliver the experience users expect.

Use data acceleration and caching capabilities to guarantee business applications always perform at their best.

Stay one step ahead with the Exinda Recommendation Engine. By studying network patterns and trends Exinda can automatically make suggestions to repair issues and improve network performance.



See your network from the user’s perspective

Real-time network monitoring lets you understand how well your organisation’s important applications are performing

Easy-to-use dashboards help you identify network use, traffic bottlenecks and problem areas by looking at application or Level 7 performance by app, user, device, and location

Cut complaints and boost satisfaction by solving network and application issues before they happen.



Control network traffic & applications

Identify your most important applications as well as unsanctioned applications that may be stealing your bandwidth.

Prioritise how and when specific users, applications, and web sites can consume bandwidth on your network.

Draw on a library of pre-built reports designed to address the most important problems Network Managers face.

Model and interact with data to better understand the health of your network.



#1: Exinda Sales Experts

Our team of experienced Exinda certified sales experts provides a service that is both informed and responsive.

We have SLAs in place to ensure you receive quick and accurate responses from our product, pricing and licensing experts.

When it comes to more involved solution selling, our team draws on its extensive knowledge and experience to offer guidance throughout the sales cycle. With support on everything from positioning and qualification to end user engagement, giving you the competitive edge.


#2: Exinda Technical Experts

We offer presales technical services and a low cost consultancy.
We understand the importance of supporting our partners with strong presales support throughout the sales cycle and offer this as a low-cost value added service.
Our Exinda certified technical consultants are available to provide assistance with all technical enquiries, scoping, demos and evaluations as well as partner training and enablement.
We also offer post sales consultancy services for installation, configuration, knowledge transfer and health-check services at  competitive rates.

#3: 100% Security-Focused VAD

Infinigate UK is part of Europe’s leading solely security focus value added distributor.

True IT security specialists; we have the advanced level of knowledge and expertise to complement Exinda's network management offering through thought leadership, integrated solutions and services.

Infinigate UK offers the strongest complete security technologies and services “packaged” to our partners.

#4: Exinda Marketing Experts

Our dedicated in-house marketing team provides marketing as a service to grow your Exinda business.

From business development and lead generation to bespoke campaigns and event support, our marketing team will work with you to create a marketing plan that compliments your Exinda strategy. Our marketing services are supported by MDF available on request.

#5: Central London Facilities

Infinigate UK’s London headquarters provides superior facilities for use by our partners.

Located in the heart of the capital, we offer our superior office facilities free of charge to all partners for client meetings, events or training.

#6: GFI Distributor since 2016

Infinigate UK has been the distributor for GFI Software since 2016 and has distributed the rest of GFI's product portfolio for years.


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Vendor Account Manager
Infinigate UK

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