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Towards a More Mature Financial Security Stance

This whitepaper outlines the unique challenges that business-driven financial SOCs deal with, and provides tools and tips on how to manage and resolve these challenges.

Last year, the financial services industry found itself occupying slot number three on the list of industries most targeted by cyber-crime. Though it climbed d


own from the number one spot it had previously occupied, don’t let the figures mislead you – attacks against banks and financial services have not declined. On the contrary, they continue to grow in occurrence and sophistication, becoming more targeted with each iteration.

The whitepaper includes:

  • Banks Have the Money
  • Challenges in the Cyber Climate
  • Identifying the High-Risk Areas for Financial Services
  • Considerations for the Financial Services Security Team
  • Characteristics of the Business-driven SOC
  • The Business-driven Transformation

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