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The GDPR Lifecycle

Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulations

Plan your GDPR Strategy from Discovery to Protection


The General Data Protection Regulation’s (GDPR) primary focus is on how you store, manage and distribute personal data. It also requires you to question user privileges, their access and the state of the infrastructure that the data resides on.

Although it tells you what needs to be done, it doesn’t provide you with the information on how to achieve compliance.

An informative and comprehensive GDPR Lifecycle has been developed to demonstrate how to address the main goals of the GDPR which has been segmented into 10 critical definable elements:

  1. Data Awareness (discover, analyse and identify)
  2. Data Management (classify, retrieve and redact)
  3. People (access and control)
  4. Systems (secure and protect)

Download the informative the GDPR Lifecycle Guide and start planning your compliance strategy!

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