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How to Survive Against Increasing
Regulatory Compliance and
Industry Standards

BrightTalk Webinar

In the last few years, organisations have weathered an onslaught of IT and information security regulations and industry standards. From ISO 27001 to the GDPR to SWIFT, 2018 has failed to buck the trend; and organisations now find themselves attempting to adhere to multiple regulations/standards.

The key to surviving this brave new world is a programme of integrated compliance, where new solutions and controls must compliment all regulations, saving time, effort and ultimately money.


In this webinar, Infinigate UK is joined by Blackfoot Compliance Specialists, Becrypt, GFI Software and Ipswitch where they will discuss integrated compliance and how they have helped their customers to achieve this. You will learn:

  1. What integrated compliance is
  2. How a number of regulations and industry standards overlap
  3. Which solutions can help you with a programme of integrated compliance
  4. NIS Directive/Regulation
  5. How customers have seen success in when implementing mutually complimentary solutions and controls

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