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Product Roadmap

Integrated Compliance Product Roadmap

GDPR, Cyber Essentials, NIS Directive, Minimum Security Standards

Aligning UK Top 4 Regulations to
IT Security Solutions

With new industry standards, regulations, and audit requirements, it has been a disruptive time for IT teams, CISOs and compliance officers drawing time and resources where the two are already stretched. Whether a public-sector organisation, large multi-conglomerate or small business, organisations almost certainly will have come face to face with at least one or more compliance and regulatory change in the UK.

The Product Roadmap breaks down four of the top UK regulatory and industry standards across fundamental components of IT security compliance programmes.

By dissecting the Infinigate portfolio, we have aligned our product offerings to help fulfill specific compliance requirements and provided IT security technology recommendations to support integrated compliance.

  1. The GDPRGDPR Cyber Essentials NIS Directive Security Standards
  2. Cyber Essentials
  3. The Minimum Cybersecurity Standard
  4. NIS Directive/Regulation
  5. An in-depth Compliance Chart stating the crossovers between the regulations and security standards

Vendors include:
AerohiveBecrypt, Censornet, Cyberbit, GFI Software, Idaptive, Ipswitch, MobileIronNuixRadware, Safend, SecurEnvoy, SonicWall, Tripwire and Trustwave.

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