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Barracuda protects email, networks, data and applications with innovative solutions that grow and adapt with their customers' journey.

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Barracuda Overview

Barracuda strives to make the world a safer place by delivering cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy and use. Barracuda protect email, networks, data and application with innovative solutions that grow and adapt with their customers' journey.
More than 150,000 organisations world-wide trust Barracuda to protect them, so that they can focus on taking their business to the next level. And with more than 1 million cloud-enabled products delivered since they launched in 2003, Barracuda continues to disrupt the IT-security market with innovative solutions that every business can afford.


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Barracuda's wide range of high-performance network solutions are specifically designed to protect your customers' threat vectors
no matter where they reside. Whether it is a website, email, web application, or mobile device, Barracuda has the tools necessary for you to secure
and optimise your customers' network perimeter.

Email Protection

Your email, secured.

Over 75% of targeted cyber-attacks start with an email. Email-borne attacks interrupt business operations, cause financial damage, and compromise business integrity. Barracuda protects your customers with multiple layers of protection that includes all aspects of their email infrastructure including gateway defence, email resiliency, fraud protection, and user security awareness.

Stay protected against today's most advanced threats.

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Network and App Security

Your business, secured.

Barracuda Cloud Generation network and application firewalls are the industry's first solutions purpose-build for cloud connected, on-premises, and hybrid networks. Barracuda protects all of your customers' users, applications, and data - regardless of what their infrastructure looks like. They ensure secure and reliable connections among multiple sites on premises and the cloud with consumption-based pricing.

Protect networks and apps with cloud-generation firewalls.

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Data Protection

Your data, secured.

Barracuda's all-in-one approach to data protection makes it easier than ever to protect your customers' businesses from data loss and theft. Data can be backed up to any location including the public cloud - eliminating the need to purchase and manage backup solutions from multiple vendors, including Office 365 data such as emails. All data is backed up to the secure Barracuda Cloud with unlimited storage.

Stay protected against today's most advanced threats.

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Barracuda Essentials.svg-1
Barracuda Essentials

Protect your clients' business from email-borne cyber threats.

Barracuda Essentials provides the most complete, simple, and affordable solution for protecting business emails and data in Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and G Suite. It leverages a global threat intelligence network that analyses 1 billion+ emails a day, continuously detecting and blocking new threats as they arise.

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Barracuda Sentinel.svg
Barracuda Sentinel

Get AI-based protection from phishing and account takeover.

Barracuda Sentinel uses artificial intelligence and deep integration with Office 365 to stop phishing and account takeover attacks from both internal and external sources before they reach your customers' mail server. Allow your customers to stay a step ahead of attackers to protect their business and data.

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Barracuda Total Email Protection.svg
Barracuda Total Email Protection

Comprohensive security against advanced email-borne threats.

Barracuda Total Email Protection combines Barracuda's complete email protection portfolio in a single bundle that is easy to buy, implement, and use. It ensures that you are best suited to secure your clients' organisations against email-borne threats, with a multi-layered approach that combines the most advanced protection available.

Solution Brief
Cloud Gen
Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Get protection that goes beyond next-generation firewalls.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is a family of physical, virtual, and cloud-based appliances that protect and enhance your clients' dispersed network infrastructure. It delivers unparalleled security, connectivity, and automation, by allowing you to manage complex and distributed networks, and ensures high performance between locations and to the cloud.

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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Protect your clients' websites and applications from advanced cyber-threats.

Barracuda Web Application Firewall is a comprehensive integrated security solution that can be completely automated to eliminate web and application vulnerabilities and stop data breaches, allowing you to maintain your reputation, and safeguard your clients' data with confidence. Barracuda Web Application Firewall also accelerates web application delivery so apps perform better than ever. 

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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Protect your clients' business from web-borne malware and misused bandwidth.

Barracuda Web Security Gateway filters content, malware, social media and rogue app threats, allowing organisations to benefit from online applications and tools without exposure to web-borne malware and viruses, lost user productivity, and misused bandwidth. It utilises award-winning spyware, malware & virus protection, and a powerful policy and reporting engine to enforce content and access policies.

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Barracuda Backup

Minimise downtime and prevent data loss.

Barracuda Backup  delivers fast, easy and flexible solutions to data protection. It protects hybrid, physical, virtual, and SaaS environments through replicating backed up data to the offsite location of your choice, including the secure Barracuda cloud storage. Barracuda Backup makes it simple to recover to a snapshot in time, with various physical and virtual options available.

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Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Protect your clients' business from email-borne cyber threats.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides comprehensive, cost-effective, scalable protection for all Office 365 data. It automatically and securely backs up email, contacts, folders, schedules, and tasks. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup offers granular protection of data with point-in-time retrieval, on-demand backup, and it is accessible & recoverable anywhere.

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#1: Barracuda Sales Experts

Our team of experienced Barracuda certified sales experts provides a service that is both informed and responsive.

We have SLAs in place to ensure you receive quick and accurate responses from our product, pricing and licensing experts.

When it comes to more involved solution selling, our team draws on its extensive knowledge and experience to offer guidance throughout the sales cycle. With support on everything from positioning and qualification to end user engagement, giving you the competitive edge.


#2: Certified technical training

Infinigate UK offers frequently held and low cost Barracuda certified technical training courses.

We see training as integral to the enablement and success of our partners. That’s why we offer frequent training courses from our central London training centre that are fairly priced.

Delivered by our Barracuda Technical experts in our virtual training lab, our courses are of the highest standard.


#3: Barracuda technical experts

We offer presales technical services and a low cost consultancy.
We understand the importance of supporting our partners with strong presales support throughout the sales cycle and offer this as a low-cost value added service.
Our Barracuda certified technical consultants are available to provide assistance with all technical enquiries, scoping, demos and evaluations as well as partner training and enablement.
We also offer post sales consultancy services for installation, configuration, knowledge transfer and health-check services at  competitive rates.

#4: 100% security-focused VAD

Infinigate UK is part of Europe’s leading solely security focus value added distributor.

True IT security specialists; we have the advanced level of knowledge and expertise to complement Barracuda's security offering through thought leadership, integrated solutions and services.

Infinigate UK offers the strongest complete security technologies and services “package” to our partners.


#5: Technical Support

We offer post sales technical support to our partners.

Our team of Barracuda certified technical support engineers are on standby to assist partners with telephone and email support for customers with a current Barracuda subscription.

#6: Barracuda Marketing Services

Our dedicated in-house marketing team provides marketing as a service to grow your Barracuda business.

From business development and lead generation to bespoke campaigns and event support, our marketing team will work with you to create a marketing plan that compliments your Barracuda strategy. Our marketing services are supported by MDF available on request.

#7: Central London Facilities

Infinigate UK’s London headquarters provides superior facilities for use by our partners.

Located in the heart of the capital, we offer our superior office facilities free of charge to all partners for client meetings, events or training.


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Vendor Account Manager
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Infinigate UK

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Barracuda Web Application Firewall Vx

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall blocks an ever-expanding list of sophisticated web-based intrusions and attacks that target the applications hosted on your web servers - and the sensitive or confidential data to which they have access.

Barracuda Essentials for Office 365

Barracuda Essentials enables customers to safely, efficiently, and economically adopt Office 365 by protecting users from dangerous ransomware and phishing attacks. It minimises downtime, ensuring compliance retention, and enabling recovery of Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint Online data giving users peace of mind and complete protection in their Office 365 environment.

Solution Brief
Barracuda Total Email Protection

Secure email gateways are no longer sufficient to defend against today’s sophisticated social-engineering attacks. These attacks bypass traditional security and end up costing organisations time, money, and brand equity.

Case Study
Dutch Insurance Provider Deploys Barracuda Firewalls from Data Unitto Gain Seamless End-to-End Data Security for Microsoft Azure

Find out how Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and Barracuda CloudGen WAF allowed Dutch insurance provider, Aevitae, to deliver end-to-end visibility and security across a hybrid environment.

Case Study
Agile software testing pioneerslams the door on C-levelemail attacks

Download this case study to find out how AI-powered Sentinel thwarted spear-phishing and fraud attacks against senior staff at Tricentis, and provides peace of mind for their IT team.

Barracuda Web Security Gateway

For today’s connected business, constant interaction with online resources and applications is a simple necessity—despite the risks of lost productivity, wasted bandwidth, and data loss. The Barracuda Web Security Gateway lets organisations enjoy the benefits of web connectivity without the risks.

Barracuda Sentinel

Business email compromise (BEC), spear phishing, and account takeover are today’s top email threats. These hyper-targeted attacks trick employees into making terribly costly mistakes.

Barracuda Sentinel combines artificial intelligence, deep integration with Microsoft Office 365, and brand protection into a comprehensive cloud-based solution that guards against these potentially devastating attacks.

Case Study
Global Manufacturer Takes Ransomware in Stride

Hayward Tyler suffered from a cryptolocker ransomware attack where they risked significant cost, lost business, and a damaged corporate reputation. Download to learn how Barracuda encrypted, deleted and restored all affected files within one hour, without having to pay the ransom.

Case Study
Automated backup solution forMicrosoft Office 365 lifts cloudfrom leading Dutch businesssolutions provider.

Dutch business solutions provider, KSS, needed to migrate to a cloud-to-cloud backup solution as they faced growing concerns about the threat of data loss. Read this case study to find out how Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup enhanced their Office 365 experience and automated data backup at the click of a mouse.