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Product Roadmap
Integrated Compliance Product Roadmap

Breaks down four of the top UK regulatory and industry standards (GDPR, Cyber Essentials, Minimum Cybersecurity Standard, NIS Regulation) across fundamental components of IT security compliance programmes.

BrightTalk Webinar
How to Survive Against Increasing Regulatory Compliance & Industry Standards

Infinigate UK is joined by Blackfoot Compliance Specialists, Becrypt, GFI Software and Ipswitch where they will discuss integrated compliance and how they have helped their customers to achieve this.

Integrated Compliance Guide: Explore UK Top 4 Regulations

We have explored four of the top UK regulatory and industry standards of 2018 (GDPR, NIS, Cyber Essentials, Minimum Security Standards), found commonality between them and produced and useful guide to integrated compliance.

7 GDPR Services VARs can offer their customers

Uncovering 7 key areas of opportunity that arise from the GDPR, to help VARs in their pitch to prospects.

Data Protection is for Life, not just May 2018

Learn how to continue adhering to the GDPR in 10 easy steps, an applicable 9 step action plan should you experience a data breach and why the GDPR should prompt a culture change in the way your organisation processes data.

Product Roadmap
Getting Compliant with GDPR

We've dissected our whole vendor portfolio and aligned specific technologies to each of the 10 core GDPR elements in our GDPR product roadmap to make the buying decision a bit easier for you and your organisation.

GDPR Lifecycle: Plan Your Strategy

The GDPR Lifecycle demonstrates how to address the main goals of the GDPR which has been segmented into 10 critical definable elements: Data Awareness, Data Management, People and Systems.

GDPR Readiness Checklist

Read this checklist to learn: The crucial aspects of GDPR broken down into 11 steps, what each of these steps mean in clear and easy to read language and how to translate the requirements of the regulation into action.

File Transfer and the GDPR

Compliance with the GDPR requires security features that range well beyond the encryption provided by SFTP servers. Learn how Secure Managed File Transfer enables compliance with the GDPR's Data Protection Principles.

Managed Security Services

CRN Special Report
Managing the Security Shift

The channel is being nudged down the route of services and consumption models, but the impact that will have on a business, particularly smaller VARs, cannot be underestimated.

SonicWall SecureFirst MSSP Partner Program
Learn how you can empower your organisation's managed security service offering with the help of SonicWall and their SecureFirst MSSP partner program.
Product Roadmap
8 Ways to Cloud Managed Security Services
In this mindmap, discover 8 key areas of both cloud services and managed service offerings aligned to the vendor SECaaS (Security-as-a-Service) offerings within our portfolio.
Cloud Panel Discussion Highlights: Mining for Gold in the Cloud
Highlights from our Cloud Panel Discussion at VSEC Conference 2018 and panellists from MobileIron, SonicWall, CensorNet and Radware.
Giants in the Cloud

Highlights the benefits of Cloud-hosted software and the opportunities available for value-added resellers, with factors such as cost, staff resource, storage and security all taken into consideration.

MSSP Product Feature Matrix
Learn how our vendor technologies align to an entire suite of managed security services in this comprehensive product feature matrix.
Cloud-Managed Network Access Control (NAC) for Dummies
Download this Aerohive eBook to gauge an overview of NAC security including some of the core components, advanced capabilities (such as BYOD and IoT device security), benefits of cloud management.
SonicWall Security-as-a-Service

Outsource your network security to SonicWall certified partners, manage costs with a flexible and affordable subscription-based service in line with (OPEX) pricing models and detect and block a wide range of advanced and emerging threats, including ransomware and zero-day malware

IT Security

CISO Panel Discussion Highlights:
IT Security & Networking Trends
Highlights from our CISO panel discussion at VSEC Conference 2018, discussing IT security and networking trends for 2019. Panellists from CBRE, Channel 4, One Stop Stores, Boden Clothing and Risc Credival UK.
SonicWall: 2019 Cyber Threat Report
A cyberattack is personal — even for organisations. At its very core, it strips businesses, enterprises, governments and employees of their intellectual property, identities, privacy, reputation and monetary assets.
10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Vulnerability Management Vendor
This guide helps you objectively choose a new or replacement VM solution by teasing out the real differences between the various available VM solutions.
Ransomware Survival Guide

This Ransomware Survival Guide will explore how you can prepare for a potential attack with a 10 point action plan.

Insider Threat Awareness Framework

As shown in this infographic, the insider threat framework consists of 6 key rules a company should follow in order to identify the potential of and prevent an employee plotting an insider threat.

Ransomware Attacks Set to Snatch $1 Billion

Infinigate UK takes you through how easily ransomware can infect a machine, locking its contents until the demanded payment is received.

The Five Stages of Insider Threat
In this webinar, we look at the five stages of the insider threat, what makes a person do it and what you as a business can do to spot the signs and prevent an incident from occurring.