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Cloud-Managed Network Access Control (NAC) for Dummies

Aerohive Special Edition

Secure, Scalable Cloud-Managed NAC


Today, an ever-growing number of corporate and guest devices, as well as personal and IoT devices, need to be securely onboarded and provisioned with the access rights appropriate for their roles.

Even when authenticated and authorized, devices continue to pose security risks due to malware and compromised third-party applications. That's why IT security departments need to be able to address these challenges cost efficiently, with a complete toolset for access management and control.
Cloud-Managed Network Access Control (NAC) for Dummies

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  • The key aspects of network access control (NAC) within IT networks.
  • Aerohive's A3 cloud-managed NAC solution and how this works to secure all devices on a network.
  • How to ensure all types of connections are secure - wired and wireless, corporate, BYOD, guest and IoT devices.

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